The Respect Trust Framework

The inspiration for the Respect Network was the idea of creating a trust framework “of the people, by the people, for the people.” To do this, Respect Network legal architect Scott David worked with our founders to condense Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPs) from around the world into the five core Respect Principles. These are the rules to which all members of the network (both individuals and businesses) must agree.


Promise: We will respect each other’s digital boundaries

Permission: We will negotiate with each other in good faith

Protection: We will protect the identity and data entrusted to us

Portability: We will support other Members’ freedom of movement

Proof: We will reasonably cooperate for the good of all Members

The Respect Trust Framework was publicly listed with the Open Identity Exchange, the international non-profit foundation for digital trust frameworks, in May 2011. The framework embeds and legally requires agreement to participate in the Respect Reputation System. Reputation incentivizes compliance with the spirit of the Respect Principles as well as the letter of all agreements. Every member agrees to participate in the reputation system. We believe that reputation is the most scalable, proactive and positive-sum approach to ensuring empowerment and privacy on the network.

For more information, please see our extensive FAQ.